Ramsay Merrie Monarch Week Evening Reports / Day 2

HILO-(HawaiiNewsNow) Ramsay Wharton reports live from Hilo Hawaii for this week's Merrie Monarch Festival Week. She chats with Na Hoku Award Winner, Kaianani Kehaunaele, about her 8 nominations for this year's awards. And there's something stinky attractiving Merrie Monarch visitors to the Panaewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens. Ramsay smells out the commotion. The free Hoiki hula performances kick off tomorrow night, Ramsay visits with Kumu Hula, Dr. Taupouri Tangaro, about his halau, Una Kupukupu, from Hawaii Community College. Watch there performance.

Panaewa Zoo & Botanical Gardens - www.hilozoo.com

The Amorphophallus titanum was donated for viewing by a Hilo private collector and was hand pollinated by a botanist at UH Hilo. The latin name for the flower reportedly means "mishapened penis." The corm, or bulb, of the plant is the largest in the world weighing up to 110 pounds. Similar plants have also recently bloomed in Switzereland and at Ohio State University.

Ramsay is live from Naniloa Volcanoes Resort.
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