Ramsay's Merrie Monarch Apparel

© Day 2: Hilo Hattie Kalo Sundress
© Day 2: Hilo Hattie Kalo Sundress

HILO-(HawaiiNewsNow) Everyday while reporting on Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, Ramsay Wharton will be wearing local apparel and accessories provided by either Hilo Hattie, or T&L Muumuu Factory.

For more information: www.hilohattie.com     www.muumuufactory.com

Sunday pm - T&L Muumuu Factory Yellow plumeria design & Shell lei

Monday am: Hilo Hattie: Pink/Teal Muumuu by Royal Creations / Earrings: Hauoli Creations

Monday pm: Hilo Hattie: Mamo Howell "Jungle"  Earrings: Hawaiian Petals

Mamo's Jungle print is no ordinary animal print. It is her interpretation of a timeless and classic fashion trend. Zebra and cheetah prints have had their trendy spotlights in the past, but Mamo's Jungle print is a contemporary fusion of culture and fashion. Capturing the "now & then" aspect, the animal print has been "Hawaiianized" with the colorful flowers of Hawaii while still maintaining the longevity of an ageless model.

Watch: Merrie Monarch Week: Day2

Tuesday am: Hilo Hattie original, Green/Brown Antherium Sundress with Coconut Moon White Knit Jacket   Earrings by Hauoli Creations.

Tuesday pm: Hilo Hattie label, Black & White Palm Frond with Coconut Moon Black Knit Jacket
Earrings: Hilo Hattie Black/White plumeria sparkle hanging

Wednesday am: Hilo Hattie: Mamo Howell "Kauna`oa"
Earrings: Hilo Hattie/ Haoli creations
Lei: Hilo Hattie / Kukui Nut choker

Mamo's Kauna`oa inspiration comes from the loving memories of her past and deep-found roots to her Hawaiian culture.  The Kaunaoa print is inspired by a childhood memory of growing up in Kona. In the early morning before sunrise, accompanied by her brothers, Mamo would go to Kahulu'u beach in search of wana (pronounced like vana). It was there, where the Keauhou Beach Hotel now stands, that an orange thread caught her eye. It was almost like a golden blanket covering the lava rocks.  Compared to the golden rays of Hawaii's sun, Mamo knew the Kaunaoa was special and featured it in her print so that everyone can see the beauty of the Kaunaoa that captured her heart and transports her back in time to memories of family fun.

Wednesday pm:
T&L Muumuu Factory, Purple/Green/Brown Hibiscus
Earrings: Hilo Hattie 
Hair Floral: Kainoa's Creations by Joyce Isabel 808-974-6836, kaohum@wmconnect.com

Thursday am: 
T&L Muumuu Factory, Turquoise Pikake
Earrings: Hilo Hattie/ Hauoli Creations
Lei: Sandy's Creations/Triple Pikake

Thursday pm:
T&L Muumuu Factory, Red/Black Signature print
Haku Lei: Authentic Hawaiian Designs by Debbie Vilani Chartrand, 808-895-6992, chartrand1952@yahoo.com
Lei: Owana Salazar's Puamana Shell Lei, 808-383-7727, www.owana salazar

Friday am:
T&L Muumuu Factory, Green Kalo print
Earrings: Hilo Hattie / Haoli Creations
Shell Lei & Earrings: Sandy's Creations / Niihau necklace and earrings, 808-732-5606

Friday pm: 
T&L Muumuu Factory, Purple protea design
Lei: Owana Salazar's Puamana Shell Lei, 808-383-7727, www.owana salazar
Haku Lei: