Two very rare Hawaiian Coins appear at auction next week

Rare Hawaiian nickel.
Rare Hawaiian nickel.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Two very rare Hawaiian Coins appear at auction next week at world renowned Heritage Auction Galleries.

A very unusual Hapawalu one of only 20 made and the finest graded to date is available at this auction.  When the series of 1883 Hawaiian Kalakaua coinage was proposed a number of patterns were made in proof condition.  The proposed set included this Hapawalu in place of the dime or ten cent piece.

It is the logical denomination to be expected when dividing a dollar in half, then the half dollar in half and subsequently the quarter dollar in half.

However when it went to actual coinage the use of the Keneta or dime (ten cent piece) already established in United States coinage was adopted.

The coin has achieved a grade of Proof 63 Cameo from Numismatic Guaranty Corporation the highest recorded grade for this type of coin.  It is expected to garner $40,000 at auction.

The second coin of extreme rarity is the Pattern Hawaiian Nickel of 1881. These patterns were made at the Paris mint at the behest of a New Caledonian ni ckel miner for King Kalakaua when he was traveling the world in that year. A mere 200 trial pieces were made and presented to King Kalakaua.  They were never used as coinage and were most likely passed out amidst the King's court members.

The original 200 are extremely rare and distinguishable from other copies made later by the presence of a cross atop the crown found atop of the reverse image.  This coin is grade almost uncirculated AU 50 by the NGC grading company.

Both coins are extremely rare and are not found at auction but maybe once a decade.  Serious Hawaiiana collectors should find these highly desirable.  Interested parties can bid on line through Heritage Auctions website at  You may also call Heritage Auctions at 1-800-872-6467.