Burglar targets dogs in Manoa break in

Iris Kurashige
Iris Kurashige

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

MANOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - A burglar breaks into a Manoa house but skips going after any valuables and takes two Chihuahuas.

"Vinnie" and "Special Girl" were stolen from the laundry room of the house.  Iris Kurashige was working late Friday night.  Her friend came to pick up the dogs but when she arrived they were gone.

Vinnie is a 10 year old male with long white and brown hair.

"He has a tongue that always hangs out on the side of his mouth," said Iris Kurashige, dog's owner.

Special Girl is four years old with short brown hair.

"She's a little chubby thing," said Kurashige.

They are pint size pooches that mean everything to their owners.

"To lose these dogs, I can't even bare to think about it," said Kurashige.  "My dogs are always in the house. This is not just a dog theft. This is a kidnapping because this is my baby"

The thief didn't touch anything else besides the dogs and their carriers. Kurashige has a hard time believing this was a random act considering her house is right in the middle of a small quiet street high atop Manoa.

"It was a pretty targeted affair," said Kurashige.  "I'm really concerned because Vinnie doesn't eat or drink water whenever strangers give it to him. He is very nervous around anybody he doesn't know."

Neither dog can breed so they aren't as valuable as the thief may think.

"Special Girl has a herniated belly button, so even if they were thinking of breeding her she'd have to be fixed by the veterinarian first," said Kurashige.  "Getting pregnant may kill her."

She has filed a police report.  Both dogs are micro chipped with current contact information.  She is offering an unspecified reward.

Their doggy beds and bowls are still out hoping they are brought home.

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