Brother of dead crime spree suspect speaks out

Mark AhNee
Mark AhNee
BeauGeste AhNee
BeauGeste AhNee

By Ben Gutierrez - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Mark AhNee's brother admits that he wasn't an angel.

But he says his family is hurting, and that comments being made on social media sites aren't making it any easier.

Mark AhNee was gunned down by police Thursday after he allegedly fired a shotgun at them during a crime spree that ended downtown, and ended at Kalanianaole Highway and Ainakoa Avenue.

"At the time, my girlfriend had made the comment that 'I hope that's not your brother helping somebody,'" BeauGeste AhNee said. "And I was like, no ways. No way, you know? Then I found out it was, and it's hard to believe."

BeauGeste AhNee is Mark's older brother. He admits that Mark made mistakes, but said his brother paid for those mistakes, and didn't deny them.

"The boy's one good kid. he never had one chance to live, you know? He spent the last ten years in jail. He just got out.  Everything he did since he was out was trying to better himself, find a job and all of that,' BeauGeste AhNee said.

"Unfortunately, he came across some people that he really loves, and was in trouble -- they wasn't in trouble, but they was having problems and needed some serous help," said the older brother. "So he did what he had to do to help them."

Now, BeauGeste AhNee is trying to delete his brother's Facebook page because of negative comments being posted on the social media site.

"I haven't actually seen what was said, but what was told to me, it's a lot of nasty things, you know?" he said. "They gotta understand that when you say nasty things about people, you're not only hurting that person, but that person's family and everyone else."

BeauGeste AhNee said his family is having a hard time with what happened.

"My mom is hurting, you know? I hurting. I'm trying to do everything to keep my mind off of him, and I no can. I mean, that's my little brother, you know what I mean?"

He declined to discuss the case, or the second suspect, Michael Manning, who remains in police custody. But he said that police shouldn't have killed his brother.

"Why not wound my brother, and take him down?"

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