East Oahu crime spree stretched for miles

Michael Manning
Michael Manning
Mark Ahnee
Mark Ahnee

EAST OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Now that witnesses have had time to digest what happened, the alleged crime spree that unfolded in East Oahu is also becoming clearer to police.  Investigators say both suspects in yesterday's crime spree were meth users and both had long wrap sheets.

Mark Ahnee of Mililani was shot and killed by police.  Michael Manning was arrested and is in police custody.  HPD is even looking into a possible connection to a recent attempted jewelry store heist.

Yesterday's crime scene stretched for miles from Downtown Honolulu to Kuliouou.

Honolulu Police investigators now say the crime spree began at 2:40 in the afternoon with the two suspects stealing cars in Downtown Honolulu, Moiliili, and Manoa.

The two suspects were seen stealing a purple Honda Civic near the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  Officers eventually caught up with the suspects on H1 headed east.  It hit a barrier on Kalanianaole Highway just beyond the H1.  The car stopped.  The men got out and ran.  With police in pursuit Ahnee ran back toward the freeway carrying a shot-gun.  Police say he fired at them then tried to steal a Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck.  An officer wedged a squad car between Ahnee and the pick-up.  Ahnee fired at police again.  Officers returned fire hitting him multiple times.

Meanwhile, the second suspect, Michael Manning, had run down Waikui Street where he punched a man and stole Toyota Camry and headed east on Kalanianaole Highway.

With so many different areas affected by yesterdays crime spree it's tough to tell which neighborhood got hit the hardest, but the folks here on Moomuku Place definitely have a story to tell.

"I was standing out here washing my truck and all the sudden I see this car come swerving around the corner and came slamming through my aunties fence," said Kevin Boshart, witness.

He says the car came within a foot from running him over.

"I had time to run around my truck and dive. So I dove and scraped up my knees a little bit," said Boshart.

With the yard and fence flattened he got up to talk to the driver.

"He shouted some stuff at me but I'm not exactly sure what he said it all happened too fast. Maybe he was high on meth or something. It's hard to say his eyes were big and I just assumed it was because he was scared," said Boshart.

Manning popped both front tires but still backed up out of the yard and kept going completely missing the fact it's a dead end street.  Witnesses say he began bouncing off cars, including an Acura and a Volvo, hitting at least five cars before the Camry wouldn't go anymore. Now he starts looking for another car so he ran up to a house.

"There was a baby there so I guess he had second thoughts," said Joyce Yokoyama, witness.

She says he then ran to the next house, grabbed a screwdriver out of the garage and barged into the house demanding keys from the elderly man inside.

"The car keys were already on the kitchen table so he grabbed it and ran, jumped in the Lexus and took off speeding down Moomoku Place," said Yokoyama.

"When he came back he almost hit me again," said Boshart.

Manning is now going west on Kalanianaole and hits something shredding the two right side tires and crashed near the Holy Nativity Church where he allegedly punched another driver and tried to steal the car, but by that time officers caught up and arrested him.

Law enforcement was familiar with both men long before all this happened.

Manning had 64 previous arrests and 19 convictions.  Seven of those convictions were for felony offenses including auto theft and burglary, and terroristic threatening.

Manning was last released from prison in February, 2010 after serving five years for burglary.

"So when this incident occurred on the 14th of April he wasn't under the supervision of any agency.  He wasn't under the supervision of the Department of Public Safety because he completed his sentence and he certainly wasn't under the supervision of the Hawaii paroling authority because he maxed out on his sentence," said Tommy Johnson, Paroles and Pardons Administrator at the Hawaii Paroling Authority.

Johnson told Hawaii News Now Manning tested positive meth amphetamine late 2009.  He was out on parole at the time.  After he tested positive manning's parole was revoked and he was sent back to prison to serve the rest of his five year term for burglary.

Ahnee had also had trouble with the law; nine prior arrests, three felony convictions including convictions for robbery and auto theft.

Ahnee got out of prison on parole in January, 2011.  During a visit to his parole officer just last week he tested positive for meth and marijuana.

"He had a schedule to see his parole officer again yesterday at 2 pm.  When he failed to show, a warrant was issued for his arrest," Manning said.

As that warrant was being processed, Ahnee was allegedly stealing cars, fleeing police, and shooting at officers, actions that led them to return fire fatally wounding Ahnee.

"I don't believe we can look at blaming the system.  I think in a lot of cases it's the individual who is failing themselves, their community, and their families by resorting back to criminal behavior," Johnson said.

Police are investigating the possibility Ahnee and Manning are the same two men who burst into Zales Jewelry store in Waikele last Saturday.  One of those men fired more than once trying to break a glass display case.  The glass did not break the men fled empty handed.

Manning is being held on investigation of auto theft and robbery charges, but as of late Friday afternoon had not been charged.

An autopsy will be performed on Ahnee Monday.  The medical examiner will check whether or not Ahnee had drugs in his system.

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