Sweet Music

As we move closer to the rebirth and subsequent sweet sounds of the Honolulu Symphony, with a new, three-year agreement now in place with the musicians, it is important to remember just how important art and culture are to a society. You may not be the biggest fan in the world of classical music, or Jawaiian, pop, emo, country, or jazz, but you have to recognize the fact that for some people, like me, music is almost religious in its ability to take us places, provide us some reassurance and calm in a world gone mad, plus all of those other philosophical and psychological things that happen when music affects our brains.

We need to keep in mind the importance of the arts as we look at the cutbacks that will undoubtedly come from this legislative session. We need to keep in mind that educating our youngsters beyond the so-called basics of reading, writing, and 'rithmetic is essential to opening up minds and hearts during the formative years. Just as physical exercise is vital for our well-being, so is mental exercise, in many forms.

With a sound financial plan in place, the venues, the choices of performances, the marketing, and the responses of the music-loving community plus sponsors will ultimately determine if Hawaii can sustain this new symphony dot 2. We need theses sounds, just like so many other art forms, and hopefully you will find the time to support and enjoy ventures such as this revamped, revitalized city treasure. Think about it…