TNT contracts to air Five-0 in 2013

HONOLULU and LOS ANGELES (HawaiiNewsNow) - CBS Television has already sold the cable rerun rights to the new "Hawaii Five-0" series.

With the series not yet through its first season, the cable network TNT has signed a deal to air the series on its own channel beginning in 2013.

Broadcasting & Cable magazine reports TNT agreed to pay more than $2 million per episode for the right to air the series.

The deal is part of a new trend of cable networks securing rights new series. "The Mentalist" and "NCIS: Los Angeles" also got cable deals in their first seasons.

Formerly, cable operations tended not to be interested in negotiating rerun rights until a series had survived four or five seasons, ensuring enough inventory to run a series every day at the same time without too quickly exhausting the shows.

Hawaii tourism marketers said before the new "Five-0" began that the show's "beauty shots" of the Hawaiian landscape would be priceless promotion for tourism.

The show's producers says Hawaii is "the fifth star" of the show, and they frequently feature not only shots of natural beauty but well-known hotels, restaurants and other landmarks.

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