Traffic flowing after shooting investigation shuts down freeway

KAHALA (HawaiiNewsNow) - With no easy way around the crime scene, traffic came to a standstill on the H-1 Freeway and throughout the city of Honolulu on Thursday.

Traffic started backing up immediately after the shooting at Ainakoa, just after 3 p.m. It didn't start clearing out until long after the police re-opened the roadways at 6:15 p.m. Thursday.

Sky News Now caught video of the backlog over the H-1. From Kahala, the gridlock stretched nearly ten miles, on back toward Moanalua.

Police officers first contraflowed traffic into one lane, then had to close down Kalanianaole in both directions at Ainakoa during the investigation. They diverted traffic mauka toward Malia Street, but it didn't help much. Cars still jammed together along the freeway, especially near the Waialae Avenue exit, where people pulled cars off to the shoulder. Several wondered how long it would take for traffic to pass. All this, right in time for rush hour.

Tim Reed, who was stuck in traffic for nearly 30 minutes between Diamond Head and Kahala Mall, said, "Everybody trying to get home and get the kids. It's just a very bad time of day."

Steve Morales, a Kuliouou resident, thought the same thing. He expressed,"I finished work and picked up my son at the University of Hawaii. And we've just been zigging and zagging trying to get home."

Additionally, a number of bus routes were canceled or rerouted. Number 22, which heads to Hanauma Bay through Hawaii Kai, had to turn around. Instead of Kalanianaole, the drivers headed Ewa Bound to the Pali, down through Kailua, Waimanalo, and back around to Hawaii Kai.

When asked why it took police so long to reopen the freeway, Major Robinson said investigators did the best they could, considering the large crime scene and multiple suspects involved.

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