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Wanted Wednesday: Anthony Murgolo

March 12, 2005. It's around 5:30 at night on Prospect Street when police say a food delivery is made to the apartment where 49 year old Anthony Murgolo was staying. A woman at the apartment pays the delivery man with four, $10 bills.

Kim Buffett of Honolulu Crimestoppers says of the delivery man, "As he left he realized that bills felt funny and they all the same serial numbers..he went back to try and get the food, but with no luck and called the police.

Police went to the apartment and the woman identified Murgolo as having given her the money that he'd printed off the computer. Murgolo was arrested for forgery in the first degree, and later out on probation.

But police say on January 18th, he failed to comply with the strict terms and conditions of his HOPE probation and is now considered on the run, wanted on a $20,000 cash only probation revocation warrant.

Murgolo is described as six feet tall, weighs 185 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. Helping police find him, could put up to a $1,000 in your pocket. Anthony Murgolo is our fugitive on the run, this Wanted Wednesday.

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