Republicans blast HGEA deal

Rep. Gene Ward
Rep. Gene Ward

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - State Republicans are calling the tentative agreement with HGEA "expensive and unfair" and say how its being pitched deceptive and misleading.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie said the deal will save $124 million in the next two years by reducing base employee pay five percent and cutting health benefits. However, it doesn't cancel the 10 percent cost savings from furlough days.

Furthermore the GOP says the deal also gives workers an extra nine paid days off a year. In the end it will actually cost the state 65 million dollars, which is why the House Minority Leader called the deal fuzzy math.

"I think the governor needs to explain to the people of Hawaii how does this save money, when in effect the furloughs were saving $114 million or at least not have it to be paid," Rep. Gene Ward said.

Mayor Peter Carlisle has also been seeking the whole truth and on Thursday he did receive the formal written agreement, but he still has questions and concerns.

HGEA says it will not release more specific details of the agreement until workers vote on it.

So far there is no schedule on when that vote will happen.

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