Car lands in Palolo run-off ditch

Kathie Sunaga
Kathie Sunaga

PALOLO (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Toyota Corolla became stuck on its side and between two stone walls this afternoon.

The driver's neighbor, Kathie Sunaga, watched as the car zoomed down a steep hill near their home. "I was at the window and I heard the car. I didn't know that it was the top of the hill getting the mail but I heard the car tearing down the lane..people sometimes race down but nothing like that...and the noise, it was like grinding," said Sunaga.

The driver was a woman in her 60's that occasionally babysat her nephew. Witnesses say that the woman was in the car with her nephew to grab their mail when unexpectedly, the woman lost control of the vehicle. The car then plummeted through a fence and became sandwiched in between the walls of a run off ditch.

The woman and boy were transported to the hospital to be evaluated but walked away without serious injuries.

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