Trauma Counseling - Japan and Children

Edwina Reyes, Program Director of HI-IMPACT.
Edwina Reyes, Program Director of HI-IMPACT.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)-The Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami and nuclear challenges they know face are all relatively new topics for parents they can appreciate knowing their is a resource for them.

Edwina Reyes, program director of HI-IMPACT (Hawaii Interventions, Mentoring, and Partnerships Aimed at Child Trauma) and her team, help children and families through traumatic experiences like abuse, violence and natural disasters. National surveys suggests that by their 16th birthday, 25 percent of American children are exposed to at least one significant traumatic experience and are in need of support and guidance.

Reyes and her team offer direct services and informational workshops locally but can also speak to what the youth in Japan may be going through at this time and what resources they may need in the coming weeks, months and years. Check out the video!

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