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The new movie, THE LINCOLN LAWYER, stars Matthew McConaughey as a criminal defense lawyer whose office is the back seat of an old Lincoln Continental.

And I'm happy to tell you that it's well worth seeing especially since it's been over a decade since Matthew Mcconaughey has starred in a really good movie.

But in THE LINCOLN LAWYER he's finally found a good role in a smart, entertaining movie and he makes the most of it, playing a charming, street smart lawyer whose low life clients who are mostly guilty as sin.
Things are looking up for the Lincoln lawyer when he's hired by Louis Roulet, a rich young client played by Ryan Phillippe.

But the investigator hired to check out this lawyer's clients is suspicious.
William H. Macy plays investigator Frank Levin and Marisa Tomei is Maggie, the ex-wife of McConaughey's character, Mick Haller. Wouldn't you know Maggie is a prosecuting attorney who hates that her ex husband defends "dirt bags."

It's a terrific cast in a story that goes deeper than it first appears.
Because Haller soon learns that not only is his client guilty, he's as evil as they come.
Specifically, Haller learns is that Louis Roulet committed a earlier murder that one of his clients went to jail for.

Haller is stricken when he realizes that he helped send an innocent client to jail, and what's more, Roulet has implicated Haller in yet another murder. Has his life been worth anything?

THE LINCOLN LAWYER isn't a great movie, but the acting and the script are way better than average, so that even though there's too much shaky camera work and the film's desaturated colors aren't appealing, I still enjoyed watching it.
 I was surprised and pleased to see that THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU is still playing in Honolulu.
If you haven't yet seen Matt Damon and Emily Blunt as a love struck couple  in this delightfully preposterous thriller, you should catch it while you still can.

THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU is science fiction with old fashioned romantic values. It's just good fun.

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