Marine's wife remembers her lost love

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

KANEOHE (HawaiiNewsNow) - Jonathan and Alicia Faircloth were married 14 months ago, but Corporal Faircloth was deployed to Afghanistan for half of that.  So when he returned home in October they still had that romantic newlywed charm about them, which makes the tragedy all the more difficult.

Corporal Faircloth was on board the military helicopter Tuesday night when it crashed. He passed away that night.

"Jon was the most courageous guy I've ever met. He always made me laugh. He could walk into a room and light it up and make everybody laugh. He could say anything. I could never stay mad at him he would always make me laugh," said Alicia Faircloth.

And laugh they did sharing in plenty of good times, like their wedding day last January or the two deployment homecomings when the couple was reunited again.  And there are also shots from a party at the Sandbar just two months ago at the very same spot where the helicopter went down.

"We have a lot of good memories at the Sandbar which is one of his favorite places. He loved being there, he loved being out in nature, he loved hiking, and we loved doing it all together. He died in a place he loved to be, in his helicopter and at the Sandbar," said Faircloth.

Jon and Alicia were so close, on Monday Alicia posted on Facebook how much she missed her husband.  At the time he was just at work for the night.  Then on Tuesday the unthinkable happened.

"It's so unreal. I still think I'm going to come home and his car is going to be sitting there and I'm going to see him, but I know that he's not. It's really hard. I'm married to an angel now," said Faircloth.

Clear across the country in Pennsylvania.  Corporal Faircloth's brother recalls getting the dreaded home visit from the marines in full uniform.

"I heard the dog barking. Someone came to the door and then all of a sudden I just heard my mom. I ran upstairs and there's two marines standing in my kitchen and I said, "'Who are you guys? What are you doing here?'" It was just like the movies, 'We regret to inform you…'  You just know," said James Faircloth, Cpl. Jonathan Faircloth's brother.

Now family, friends and loved ones embrace all the countless memories of the man they'll never forget.

"Jon was a wonderful husband to me. He took care of me. He always made me laugh. He was always spontaneous and he'll always be in my heart," said Alicia Faircloth.

Alicia says one of Jon's best friends, Ronnie Brandafino, was one of the members on the helicopter when it went down.  She says he is healing well and is recovering at the hospital.

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