Letuli Ready for UH Pro Day

LOS ANGELES (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's not often you get a second chance to make a first impression, but former Warrior Laupepa Letuli will get just that Thursday morning when he takes part in the Warriors pro day in California.

Last year at this time Letuli's 2010 college season was in limbo as he waited for the NCAA ruling on an extra season. So, on the advice of those around him, he participated in the UH pro day….cold turkey.

"You know this is round two and I already know what's going to happen, which, it does give me a little edge" said Letuli. "This pro day I'm anxious to go out there and show them what I got."

This time around he's had proper physical training. Since January, Letuli was among a handful of former UH players to train in Arizona at the Chad Ikei Performance gym. It's paid off. While at UH, NFL scouts told Laupepa he was too heavy. Letuli tipped the scales at more than 330lbs, since he began training, he says he's lost more than 30lbs.

He hopes his deflated numbers on the scale will take down a few tenths of a second on the stop watch.

"I just want to run under 5 in the 40. Maybe low 4.4's or 4.3's in the shuttle. Which is crazy because usually those are numbers that linebackers or other guys run."

Break downs in labor talks between NFL owners and the (former) players union has kept the 2011 NFL season in limbo. While there are a number of other pro football leagues around, Laupepa says his vision of playing on Sundays remain clear.

"I know I can compete at that level that's why. You know going to that east-west shrine game showed me, it opened my eyes a lot, because there was a lot of big name schools there and I was shutting it down. It kind of drove me and fueled that fire and I'm like I'll show you guys what I can do."

The Warriors pro day begins at 9am Thursday morning and is scheduled between the days USC and UCLA conduct their pro days. The Warriors hope being sandwiched between the two more high profile schools will increase the attendance of NFL scouts on their day.

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