Billy V: March 30, 2011

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Country legend Willie Nelson announced he will perform at "Kokua for Japan" - a radio, television and internet fundraising event. It's on Sunday, April 10th from noon to 5:00 p.m.

R&B performer Foxy Brown missed her at-sea manicure appointment and went ballistic. Foxy set up a nail appointment on the cruise ship last Monday a day after the cruise took off and showed up three hours late. When the people at the salon couldn't accommodate her, she went crazy. Security removed her from the salon and sent her back to her room where she remained under supervision until Wednesday, when the ship dropped anchor in the Cayman Islands and kicked her off. Brown was on board the ship as a performer.

LeAnn Rimes, engaged to actor Eddie Cibrian, wrote some marital advice on her twitter page recently. She said: "A good friend just told me that the key to a successful marriage was to argue naked! I'm gonna do that from now on, when that rarely happens."

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