Aiea man arrested in Indianapolis for heroin possession

Ajah Domingo
Ajah Domingo

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An Aiea man was arrested March 25 at the Indianapolis International Airport after police found a bag with 18 ounces of heroin strapped to his chest.

According to the police report, Ajah Domingo, 25, refused a pat down when went through the security line at the airport. TSA agents took Domingo to a private screening room and asked what he was hiding.

Domingo allegedly told screeners he didn't know what the plastic baggie taped to his chest had inside but he knew it was illegal.

Detectives tested the substance and identified it as brown heroin.

According to the DEA figures, the street value of the heroin would be about $190,000.

Domingo was arrested on a felony charge of dealing in narcotics.

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