Chatting with Billy V: March 28, 2011

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kirstie Alley has accepted an apology from George Lopez. The comedian had been making fun of her weight and comparing her to a pig on "Dancing With the Stars". After publicly apologizing and saying he had 'misjudged' the joke, he sent her a huge bunch of flowers. Kirstie tweeted: "I formally accept your flowers and your regards...heres yur kidney back..;)". The kidney refers to Kirstie's Thursday tweet rejecting his apology and demanding his kidney on behalf of women everywhere.

A Texas prosecutor says marijuana possession charges against Willie Nelson will be dropped if he comes to court, pays a fine and sings "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain". County Attorney Kit Bramblett recommended those penalties to the judge after the judge demanded Nelson appear in court, rather than just send in the fine by mail. The judge, Becky Dean-Walker, wants to meet Willie.

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