Weird Science:Anemometer at Pearl Harbor

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)- Dr. V and Taizo Braden head down to Pearl Harbor to learn how the U.S. Navy uses science everyday. Check out the video!

Dr. V Show:  Make your own Anemometer

Things you will need:

  • 5 three ounce cups (Dixie cups)
  • Sharp pencil with an eraser
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Pin
  • 2 long soda straws
  • Stapler

The Experiment:

Punch four of the cups with the hole punch in the side of each cup, about half an inch below the rim. Push a soda straw through the hole, fold the end of the straw just enough so you can staple it to the side of the cup across from the hole. Repeat this procedure for another cup and another straw. Take the fifth cup and punch four holes, equally spaced, on the sides of the cup, about a quarter of an inch below the rim. Then punch a hole in the center of the bottom of the cup. Slide one cup and straw assembly through two opposite holes in the cup with four holes and put another cup on the end of the straw. Making sure that the cup is facing opposite of the cup on the other end of the straw, bend a little of the straw and staple it to the cup. Repeat this procedure with the other cup and straw assembly and the remaining cup. Align the four cups so that the openings face in the same direction, either clockwise or counter-clockwise around the cup in the center. With the cups evenly spaced from the center cup, push the pin through the two straws where they cross each other. Push the eraser end of your pencil through the hole in the bottom of the center cup and push the pin as far into the eraser as it will go. Mark the sides of one of the cups with either colored tape or marker to make counting your revolutions easier. Now you can either use a fan, or go outdoors and hold your anemometer up so it catches the wind. Count how many revolutions (full circles) it makes per minute. If the straws don't spin easily, spin your anemometer manually until it loosens up.

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