Maui landmark comes tumbling down

Rick Jones
Rick Jones

KAHULUI (HawaiiNewsNow) -- A Central Maui landmark is now reduced to a hunk of metal. The long-standing KMVI Radio tower, which stood 450 feet tall and weighed five and a half tons, came tumbling down Sunday morning.

The tower was two decades old and corroding. It makes way for a new tower, which won't be as tall but will last longer.

Engineers were faced with the difficulty of trying to bring down the tower safely with several roads and businesses nearby.

"We've been working on this for a number of months and we looked at the original manufacturer's blueprints of the tower, and looked at the area that we have to work with and do our best calculations on what it's going to take, whenever it collapsed, to keep it in that area," said Rick Jones of Sky Jack Communications. It's the same company that also recently dismantled the KGMB-TV tower on Kapiolani Boulevard.

Jones said the controlled collapse went smoothly. The new tower will be only 180 feet tall. Engineers may have it in place as soon as Monday afternoon.

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