No radiation detected from mail or people arriving from Japan

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Government officials and commercial airlines are reassuring Hawaii residents that mail, cargo and people arriving from Japan do not pose a health risk.

Concerns about radiation affecting us here in Hawaii are brewing following the nuclear crisis that continues after the catastrophic quake and tsunami.

As events in Japan worsen with the crippled nuclear plant outside of Tokyo, federal officials had a clear and unified message.

"There have been no mail, mail parcels that have alerted us to any higher levels of radiation that would be harmful or hazardous to life of health," said Michael Romano, US Postal Inspector.

The US Postal Service, the customs agency and the postal police all work together to screen incoming goods and people.

They say efforts to detect any radiological threat is standard procedure and has not been ramped up in the wake of the Japan crisis.

And as far as incoming mail, aircraft and people arriving Japan, no threat has been detected.

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