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Man meets his Chaminade life savers

Bobby Command Bobby Command
Treston Silva Treston Silva
Glenn Yri Glenn Yri
Bobby Command, in lei, with the students that saved his life Bobby Command, in lei, with the students that saved his life

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) –  At Chaminade Wednesday, six students were recognized with awards of heroism.  

Executive assistant to Hawaii county Mayor Bill Kenoi, Bobby Command was visiting the Chaminade campus with his family on February 5th to watch a high school basketball game. He went to his car when he started to feel a little uneasy. "Suddenly got really dizzy. I had some problems with my heart before so I kind of knew what was happening. I was beginning to faint," said Command.

Command collapsed and went into full cardiac arrest. Treston Silva so happened to be nearby when he saw Command on the ground. Glenn Yri remembers when he came rushing to help. As soon as Yri saw Command lying on the ground, he called 911. "I felt for a pulse and couldn't feel anything. And I asked Emmanuel if he could feel anything," said Yri. He took the initiative and started doing CPR.

"Next thing I know, I'm in the emergency room at Straub. And the doctor is asking me all these questions trying to figure out if I'm ok. And he says, you know, you're really lucky guy and I said, why? And he says because there was someone there so save your life that knew CPR," said Command.

He spent the next 11 days in the hospital and had the opportunity to meet his Silversword lifesavers. Command says that unexpected situations like this shows how important it is to learn CPR.

"I don't know how I can repay them for what they did. If they weren't there, I would be dead today," said Command.  "My birthday is April 11, 1958…but my birthday now is February 6, 2011, it was my second birthday there."


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