Chatting with Billy V: March 16, 2011

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Charlie Sheen is bringing his live show to five more venues, including New York's famed Radio City Music Hall.  Meanwhile Charlie Sheen now has both of his "goddesses" with him. Rachel Oberlin, who had briefly moved out of his Los Angeles home earlier this month, has returned following speculation they ended their relationship for a second time. A source says Rachel was gone for eight days handling personal matters back home in Indiana.

Joan Rivers tweeted some support for Gilbert Gottfried. "Oh come on people-this is just outrageous! Gilbert Gottfried was FIRED from Aflac for making jokes about the tsunami in Japan. That's what comedians do!!! We react to tragedy by making jokes to help people in tough times feel better through laughter."  Although, Rivers did add that she understood the company's decision.

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