Hawaiian Airline passengers head to Japan

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A Hawaiian Airlines flight to Japan left Tuesday, with some passengers anxious; some were going to visit while some were going back home.

Oguso Takeshi and his wife live in Kanagawa, Japan. The couple vacationed in Hawaii for seven days and was aboard the flight Tuesday. "Big Tsunami, big damage," said Takeshi as he showed pictures from his cell phone, the inside damages of his home in Kanagawa. A television broken and a pile of personal belongings scattered all over the couples living room floor.

Despite the things that Hawaii resident, Kana Aikawa have seen on the news; canceling her flight was not an option. "I have been watching every day since the earthquake hit and it is such a heartbreaking event and I'm not going at the best time but I'm worried that there is going to be earthquakes while I'm there. But I'm there to see my family. You know they are sad and in a little bit depressed mood but I'm hoping to cheer them up while I'm there," said Aikawa.

Aikawa will be visiting family in Tokyo for two weeks but fears radiation and aftershocks. "Obviously, I will be scared to ride the subway knowing that the aftershocks might hit at anytime," she said. However she knows that her personal fears are not as big as the current situation happening overseas. "I knew my family was ok since my family was in Tokyo but I was really worried about the people up in the north and watching all of the footage on the news it's just so heartbreaking."

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