Tsunami Ripple Effect

A whole slew of people did a great job handling things during last week's tsunami warning here. Other than a few people getting a bit amped up at the gas pumps, most everyone went about his or her business in a civil, communal manner. It helps that we had about five-hours to prepare. From the official work done by city and county personnel to state communications to the non-stop efforts of our news crew working 12-hours non-stop, the public was kept informed calmly and completely.

Maui and the Big Island did not escape unscathed, but you know that some people on O'ahu are perhaps thinking it was much ado about nothing , for the second year in a row. A little over a year ago, an earthquake off the Chilean coast caused some reasonable concern locally. These events prove that while men plan, Mother Nature rules. The question of a tsunami making an even bigger impact in Hawaii is not a question of "if", but "when". And for those morons who chose to hang out on the beach to watch the proceedings, this was not a case of the boy or public official who cried wolf, so you might wanna be a bit more "heads up" next time, just in case we do get an even greater visit from the Pacific Ocean on our doorsteps.

The tsunami alert last Thursday night was real reality TV, not scripted, not contrived, not edited, not pre-ordained; there were no insincere hugs or tears, no phony platitudes or hyperbole; just real people doing real work to help ensure real safety for the masses. And best of all, there were no losers in this show, as everyone did their jobs in the public and private sectors as fortunately ended up with another dress rehearsal for what may eventually become an unwanted reality down the road. Think about it…