Coast Guard evaluates tsunami damage, provides support

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Coast Guard is evaluating tsunami damage Friday through the Hawaiian islands and Guam. Coast Guard assessments of the Hawaiian Islands have identified the following details.

No loss of life or injury has been reported.


- Significant damages reported at Keehi Lagoon with approximately 200 vessels impacted.
- Keehi Lagoon still hazardous with continual tidal surges and shallow water levels. 
- Keehi Lagoon docks broke free from moorings with multiple boats still attached.
- Multiple vessels in Keehi Lagoon floating free with multiple collisions occurring and one sailing vessel has collided with Sand Island Bridge.
- Haleiwa Harbor (#300s) piers destroyed with no vessels damaged.
- Coast Guard and good Samaritans continue to assist numerous recreational vessels disabled and adrift off Oahu.  
- No damages reported to Waianae Harbor.


- No significant damages reported at this time.
- All aids to navigation remain intact.
- All piers and marinas intact.
- Significant trash and debris in marinas.  No pollution reported.


- Maalaea Harbor continues to show signs of surge. No pollution reported.
- Two vessels sunken in harbor with one vessel overturned.
- All aids to navigation intact.


- Reports of damage and debris scattered around port.
- Civil Air Patrol currently conducting aerial assessment.