Maui schools closed, shelters open

MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Department of Education has officially announced the closure of all schools tomorrow.

Maui County is also shutting down the Kahului, Kihei and Lahaina wastewater treatment plants at 1 a.m. because they are located in tsunami inundation zones.

This will coincide with the Water Department also shutting down its pumping stations. As a result residents are being asked to only use water when necessary, and to conserve their drinking water.

Maui police and fire officials are assisting with evacuation in affected areas. Estimated time of arrival of a potential tsunami at Kahului Harbor is 3:23 a.m.

For persons outside the evacuation areas, please stay where you are, stay off the roads and highways and refrain from sightseeing. We also ask that everyone keep their telephones clear for emergency calls only.

Maui County Civil Defense has announced that it will be sounding emergency sirens every hour on the hour in preparation for a potential tsunami.

In the meantime Mayor Alan Arakawa asks that people remain calm and do not panic. This is in response to reports that people at gas stations have been shouting and acting aggressively while trying to buy fuel.

"This is not the time to panic. We have plenty of time to prepare and take care of our families. Remain calm and treat each other with respect. Police and fire and civil defense officials are out there helping to evacuate affected areas as we speak. We will see each other through this crisis together."

For residents who need to evacuate but do not have an alternative location to go to can go to one of the County's evacuation centers. They include

Cental Maui:
War Memorial
Velma Santos Community Center
Maui High School
Kahului School

South Maui:
Kihei Community Center

West Maui:
Baseball Field behind Lahaina Aquatics Center
Fleming Park
Lahainaluna Gym

East Maui:
Camp Keane
Hana High & Elementary

Hannibal Tavares Community Center
Eddie Tam Gym
Kula Community Center

Maui County Civil Defense will continue to monitor the situation.
Please listen to your local radio and TV stations or NOAA Weather Radio
broadcasts for updates. NOAA Weather broadcasts can be reached by
calling  1 866 944-5025  1 866 944-5025 . The Tsunami Warning Center web page can be
found at