Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issues guidelines

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Tsunami Warning has been issued for the State of Hawaii by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The first of several waves resulting from a severe earthquake off Honshu Japan is expected to arrive in the State at approximately 2:55 a.m.

Tsunamis pose a serious threat to ALL coastal areas of Oahu; repeat ALL coastal areas of Oahu. Residents living in coastal tsunami evacuation zones on Oahu as identified in the maps in the front of the telephone white page directory should begin evacuation immediately when outdoor warning sirens sound.

If you are not in a coastal evacuation zone stay where you are and stay off the road. Keep roads and highways open for evacuees exiting the shoreline and first responders who must enter to assist.

* Know if your home or workplace is located in an evacuation zone.

Evacuation maps are printed in the disaster preparedness information section of your telephone yellow pages or the Paradise Pages.

* Go to the department web-site at to view the online Tsunami Map Viewer to quickly determine if your home is in an evacuation zone.

* If you are in an evacuation zone, YOU MUST LEAVE if ordered to do so. If you are out of the zone, STAY WHERE YOU ARE and keep streets and highways open for emergency responders.

* DO NOT TIE UP PHONE LINES or cell phones with non-emergency calls. Increased cellular and land-line telephone traffic can severely hamper the ability to request emergency assistance from first responders. Call 9-1-1 ONLY for a life-threatening emergency.

* Rely on television and radio for the most current and up to date emergency information from the Department of Emergency Management.

* Do not return to coastal areas until the all clear has been announced by emergency officials. This tsunami event could last several hours and you should continue to exercise caution until the all clear is sounded.

* If you live in a concrete and steel reinforced building that is six or more stories tall you may consider evacuating vertically by going to the third floor of higher.