Big plans in small spaces

Josh Stone
Josh Stone
Natalie Narcy
Natalie Narcy
Erik Beale
Erik Beale

MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Building big dreams can be tough in this economy.

But some businesses and homeowners on Maui are starting with small spaces.

This Paia courtyard market used to be Josh Stone's plan b.

He came up with the innovative idea after his original concept for a huge building collapsed during the economic downturn.

The property features a parking lot and six small shops.

Most of them sell items like clothing and accessories.

The buildings range in size from 120 to 150 square feet.

Oh La La!! was the first tenant to move in last year.

It's a low-risk opportunity for small businesses since they're on a month to month lease.

Over in Kula, Erik Beale is another fan of modular buildings.

The Maui Eco Built founder used to construct elaborate custom homes.

The prefabricated panels are assembled on site. Small structures of about 200 square feet can be built in 2 or 3 days.

The cost? Just under $10,000.

For his design studio, Beale uses a module complete with photovoltaic panels. Another one is set up as a guest room.

The buildings are designed to seem spacious despite their small size. The modules can also be connected or grouped together.

If you're building a primary residence you'll need a permit to put in electricity and plumbing.

Sometimes scaling back can still mean huge opportunities in small spaces.

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