Losses mount for Ewa Beach residents, businesses without power

Barry Lobetos
Barry Lobetos
Ruby Lobetos
Ruby Lobetos
Bounsome Anoulack
Bounsome Anoulack

By Ben Gutierrez - bio | email

EWA BEACH (HawaiiNewsNow) - While power has been restored to much of the Ewa Beach area that lost electricity when power poles went down in severe weather Friday morning, families and businesses are dealing with the aftermath.

The Lobetos Family was among the customers who lost power when the utility poles went down. Their electricity came back Saturday morning, but went off again a few hours later because of a circuit problem.

For them, the loss includes hundreds of dollars of groceries they had just bought, even though they tried to keep from opening their refrigerator.

"Once you open stuff up, all the cold gets out, and it's gone," said Barry Lobetos. "It's been over 24 hours, so I think we gotta throw everything out."

Not only that, Barry's wife was preparing for a party.

"I'm getting ready for a baby shower that starts that three o'clock, and I'm kinda rushing and stressing because I need the computer to print certain things out," Ruby Lobetos said.

At the Ewa Beach Shopping Center, the Thai Island Taste restaurant was back in business Saturday. But they had to throw out thousands of dollars' worth of spoiled food.

"The meat, the shrimp, scallops, something like that, we cannot use. We throw away," said the restaurant's Bounsome Anoulack.

The restaurant even lost one of its koi, worth $300, when the aquarium pumps turned off.

Next door, at the Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop, it was almost back to normal after workers cleaned up a big mess.

"We looked at the dippers (cartons), and it was all melted," said store associate Miriam Galzote. "And we looked at the freezer full of cakes, it was all melted down. So it was kind of a mess. We had to throw everything out."

Galzote estimated the store lost $4,500 in lost sales and melted ice cream.

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