Wind and rain torment Windward Oahu

Jefferson LeCates
Jefferson LeCates

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Parts of Windward Oahu got more than an inch and a half of rain early Friday morning and wind whipped over the Koolau Mountain range damaging roof tops and uprooting plants.

The storm snapped a coconut tree causing the top 15 to 20 feet to crash to the ground at Kailua Beach Park. Strong gusts tore large branches from trees many of which had to be moved from streets, sidewalks, and bike paths.

The Windward side of the island is accustomed to tradewinds, but the wind that accompanied heavy downpours early Friday blew off-shore. The change in direction was too much for a utility pole on South Kalaheo Avenue. It was leaning precariously over passing vehicles during morning rush hour.

"I looked outside and it was raining real hard and I figured, yea, Kona storms are always unpredictable," said part time Kailua resident and former Honolulu firefighter Jefferson LeCates.

"I just saw broken trees and a lot of water coming out of the stream (Kaelepulu Stream) which I guess is good so it doesn't overflow," LeCates added.

Runoff turned the stream into a chocolaty mess which means Kailua Bay will be murky for at least a few days.

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