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Windward Oahu has its share of storm problems

Clifford Migita Clifford Migita
Paul Costa & child Paul Costa & child
A neighborhood trampoline whipped around by the winds A neighborhood trampoline whipped around by the winds

By Teri Okita – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Windward side of Oahu is feeling the after-effects of the storm. HECO had been restoring power, piecemeal, throughout the day in Waimanalo before they went on strike at 3:30 Friday afternoon.

Managers at Contemporary Landscaping in Waimanalo have weathered plenty of storms before. "Days like this, we usually don't have much business, anyway," says Clifford Migita.

Their eight-acre business sits at the base of the Koolau mountains, and when they tried to drive onto the property this morning, they were blocked. "There was a tree across the road that took down all the wires, so one of the wires was dangling across our driveway."

HECO came, confirmed the line wasn't live, and pulled it out of the way. We followed that crew as they worked to fix the outages all morning and into the afternoon. In some places, the lines had crossed or were touching. Others had hit the ground.

They say, if you see a wire, like the one we saw, on the ground, you should never, ever touch it - not even with your shoe. HECO fixed the one in front of Contemporary Landscaping and reattached it.

Power outages had forced businesses on Waimanalo's main drag to close for awhile. Traffic lights were down, and for a time, emergency crews were kept busy. Waimanalo elementary kicked off the school day without any power, but electricity was back on in about an hour.

At Waimanalo resident Paul Costa's home, we asked how they spent the day without power. "Cleaning up all this rubbish and debris that was flying around from last night and this morning!" said Costa.

Heavy winds whipped one resident's trampoline into the street and caused minor damage here and there. A tree branch fell into the Church of the Latter-Day Saints' roof, and at one nursery and garden company we visited, we saw row after row of plants toppled like dominoes.


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