Not Bored Of Education

Now is the time. If you ever had an interest in serving, in making a difference, in being a part of an overhaul or at least a shift in the status quo, now is the time to step forward and put your name in for consideration for the new, to-be-appointed Board of Education.  The people- the voters who pushed for this measure- are asking for more accountability and believe that an appointed board will provide just the remedy to what was perceived to be a stagnant board that not many people knew much about, but voted for anyway.

OK, if that's the case, then the people had best pay close attention to what this new, selected board does as it works within a system that thus far is not often interested in radical proposals or change. And keep in mind, a board such as this one can only do so much, as it must deal with economic realities and nuances somewhat unique to Hawaii with language barriers, more parents working multiple jobs here than elsewhere, and declining infra-structure and resources.

For this board to make progressive changes and see long-term gains, it might require a re-focus on funding from the legislature and better tests of accountability- from the students all the way up through the parents, teachers, principals, administrators, the board, and the governor who appoints the upcoming freshman class of appointed BOE members. Now is the time for action and not just the predictable, perfunctory words about our keiki's future and the importance of education. Think about it…