Chatting with Billy V: March 3, 2011

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In a little over a day, Charlie Sheen went from zero to over a million Twitter followers.  The Donald feels the 45-year-old actor is "a winner" and claiming that he is "not doing so bad." So does Donald want to cast him on the next season of the Celebrity Apprentice? Trump says, "I would love to have him, but I'll be honest I think they are going to end up signing him for a lot more money then he was getting paid in the first place. I think he has to chill a little bit now. He's sort of terrific in a certain way, and he's not as far gone as I would have thought. I think he is doing just fine and he is great entertainment."

Justin Bieber apologized on Wednesday for angrily hoisting his middle finger at paparazzi who buzzed the squeaky-clean pop star and his girlfriend after his birthday dinner in Los Angeles. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening when Justin and Selena Gomez left an Italian restaurant where they had celebrated his 17th birthday. Bieber made the spontaneous gesture after he took the wheel of their vehicle and Gomez shielded her face. On Twitter Wednesday Bieber wrote: "I'm sorry. It's not always easy but I know better than to react in anger."

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