Hawaii's Homeless: Keiki in Crisis

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state Department of Education estimates there are about 3,000 students who are homeless in Hawaii.

Many kids have no choice but to follow their parents when things get tough.

In our continuing special coverage of Hawaii's homeless, Ramsay Wharton reveals how a family of five is struggling to survive.

This is no camping trip, its real life for the Naki-Martinez family.

They've called their camper van home since December when dad lost his job.

Unemployment, they couldn't keep up the rent and they lost the place they'd been living for seven years.

Chris, who's now home schooled occupies himself with re-building things like this bike.

While mom and dad are trying to rebuild their lives.

Utu Langi's bus project in Kakaako provides shelter and is a blessing for dozens of families.

Langi started the non-profit group H-5, Hawaii Helping the Hungry Have Hope, after he himself helped a homeless man late one night.

You'll be may be amazed to find your former neighbors, friends even co-workers who are living a "sheltered life."

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