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Aloha, I hope this email finds you well. Here are some of the stories we're working on for Hawaii News Now at 5 and 5:30.


A day after yesterday's raid on a Waimanalo puppy farm, the Hawaiian Humane Society copes with having to house the new animals and we hear from the attorney for the owner of the raided property. Also, state lawmakers consider a bill that would closely regulate this type of business.

Tim Sakahara will have a full report tonight at 5.


Fishing enthusiasts are getting concerned about the level of water at Lake Wilson in Central Oahu. Apparently, the water level in the lake is dropping.

Since our last story, water has dropped two more feet. We'll tell you what's being done to fix the problem.


And a celebration today. Imagine having to pull out 3 million pounds of seaweed by hand. That's a time to celebrate if there ever was one. A federally funded project to remove invasive algae from Oahu's Maunalua Bay is officially complete. Tonight, workers and organizer of the project talk about the importance of the work they did and how it brought a community together. That's tonight at 5:30.

We'll have these stories and more tonight on Hawaii News Now.

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Shawn Ching