Hawaii Five-0 castmembers reveal secrets and guilty pleasures

By Teri Okita – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Cast and crew of the hit show Hawaii Five-0 have just a month-and-a-half left of shooting for this season. They'll wrap in mid-April. Over the course of this first year, we've learned a lot about the principle castmembers, but we wanted to find out even more.

In a rare interview with all four actors coming together at one time, we got past all the formalities and the serious questions. Then, we wanted to know if they would open up about their secrets and guilty pleasures.

When the director yells "Cut!", these crimefighters like to kick back and kicked it with me for about 20 minutes. That's when I asked them, "What would surprise people about you?"

"I'm pretty sensitive," says Scott Caan – who plays Danny "Danno" Williams. "Really?" I asked. "Because you don't come across that way." "See!" he said, incredulously.

We find out Alex O'Loughlin is a big Metallica fan and Daniel Dae Kim hangs with the band's lead guitarist. Nothing earth-shattering. So, we try to grill Grace Park.

Alex asks, "What about Grace?"

"I don't want to go there!" Grace answers with a laugh.

Daniel pipes in, "What can we say about Grace that's really a surprise?"

Grace warns them, "Stuff that you guys know." She thinks for a second. "Well, people freak me out! What about that?"

Alex shoots back, "I wouldn't have guessed that Grace is such a party animal – 'cause she seems like such a good girl."

"I'm not really a party animal," Grace replies. "I just like to go out and dance!"

All right. Grace likes to dance. Alex listens to heavy metal music. We're determined to get something juicier. How about their guilty pleasures?

Alex says, jokingly. "Well, I'm not prepared to disclose ... "

Grace then says, "I don't want to divulge!"

Then, Scott chimes in, "No, but it's a good question. That's the most interesting question yet. Let's get into that. Wait. Guilty pleasures." Scott turns to his fellow castmates. "What are your guilty pleasures?"

Alex responds, "No, you start."

Grace says, "Do we all have to say something?"

"Glee is my guilty pleasure," declares Daniel.

Scott goes, "Why is that a guilty pleasure?"

"It's not a show that I would normally watch," says Daniel, "but my son really loves it, so I watch it with him."

Scott answers, "Well, someone right now is saying Hawaii Five-0 is their guilty pleasure."

"Yeah, that could very well be," says Daniel.

But no matter how hard I tried, girls, Alex just didn't give anything up. "All of mine are naughty, so I'm not telling!"

They're well into the first season, and by now, they've shrugged off comparisons to the original Five-0.

Alex explains, "That's this thing we get asked all the time, 'What's the pressure like of playing a character that's been played before?' It's like, there is no pressure. Hamlet gets done every week, that's the thing."

Scott adds, mockingly, "Which is very similar to what we're doing here."

A big laugh from Daniel.

Alex laughs, too, "Yeah, I thought I'd drop that in there, 'cause nothing is more analogous to the new Hawaii Five-0 than The Bard."

They definitely don't take themselves too seriously. And as we wrapped for the day, they told me something interesting: it takes seven days to prep for an episode. Then, another eight days to shoot that episode - and they're just four of almost 200 people that it takes to put the show together.

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