Chatting with Billy V: February 28, 2011

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After Charlie Sheen's crazy radio rant sparked CBS' shutting down his show, gossip website Radar challenged him to pass a drug test. Sheen flew back to Los Angels from the Bahamas and passed a home urine test. It was conducted right in front of a Radar editor to prevent tampering. According to the test, Sheen hasn't smoked pot in at least 40 days or used cocaine in at least four days, which put him clean at the time of the radio interview. Not content with this proof, Sheen also had blood drawn for an even more intense test by a toxicology lab.

As of Friday, bids for a lock of Canadian Justin Bieber's hair reached $7,000 in an online auction. Bieber gave his newly-cut hair to Ellen DeGeneres last Tuesday. DeGeneres put it on eBay; the proceeds will go to California animal rescue center The Gentle Barn. The auction ends Wednesday.

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