Small group holds protest at Kawaiahao Church

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A small group of protestors gathered outside Kawaiahao Church during the service on Sunday morning. They've opposed plans for a new multi-purpose center since the discovery of 69 sets of human remains in 2009. The facility is being constructed on the former site of Likeke Hall, which was built in 1940 over part of a known cemetery. During the construction decades ago, 117 sets of remains were relocated, but the protestors said they still have ancestors buried there. They want the dispute resolved through mediation and reconciliation.

"We don't see any other alternative but hooponopono, and that's the peaceful way. Other than that, it's war. We will come out it in full force to do whatever we need to do to protect these burials," said protestor Kaanohi Kaleikini.

"We look forward to meeting with representatives of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for a productive examination of ways in which we can reduce the concerns expressed about iwi kupuna and continue the construction of our multi-purpose center," said Kahu Curt Kekuna, senior pastor at Kawaiahao Church.

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