Tense moments for workers during Kalihi business shooting

By Lisa Kubota - bio | email

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) - The suspected car thief shot by a Honolulu police officer faces several possible charges including attempted murder, terroristic threatening and possession of dangerous drugs.

Workers at the Kalihi business where the shooting happened are still on edge. Jams World is across the street from the parking lot where the suspect was allegedly trying to steal a car on Tuesday. A security guard who confronted the 50-year-old said the man pointed a gun at him and chased him before heading to the Jams World administrative offices. He told the receptionist he was waiting for someone, and sat in a chair just a few feet away. Another worker walking by happened to open the door when police came knocking just moments later.

"As soon as she saw there was police and guns drawn she took off, and Wendy ducked under the reception desk," said Jams World CEO Mark Tsuda.

According to sources, suspect Michael Davis was shot once in the head after firing two shots at police officers with an improvised firearm. He is still in critical condition. Tsuda rushed out of his office when he heard the gunfire.

"It was pretty scary because we figured out pretty quick what was going on," said Tsuda.

When Tsuda and dozens of other employees evacuated the building, police were waiting outside.

"There was two dozen. They had the AR-15's out, they had their guns drawn, everything. I was going, 'Oh boy, everybody's on top of it,'" Tsuda said.

The two employees who witnessed the shooting are taking a few days off. The receptionist is a temporary hire who has only been there about a month.

"She was just really shaken up," Tsuda said.

A cleaning crew removed the chairs and some carpet in the reception area. Tsuda plans to have the pictures replaced and the walls repainted for a fresh start.

"We're going to have a kahu come over and bless the area so we want to make it just look different," said Tsuda.

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