If Georgia can do it...

Politics on a Friday night?  You bet.  Especially with congress pulling an all-nighter on capitol hill.  We'll check in live as bleary-eyed lawmakers try to pass a budget at 3am, D.C. time.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich is in Waikiki trying to convince Hawaii Republicans they can do what Georgia did: turn from a blue state to red.

Oh yeah, and is he running for president?  Tune in at 10 for his answer.

Also tonight, a possible tax hike for booze and a bill to go easy on potheads.

And did you hear about the reporter at the Grammy Awards who began speaking gibberish on live tv?  We now know what caused her unusual behavior, and it wasn't a stroke.

Those stories and a forecast that'll have you cranking up the A/C... coming up in just minutes!