Hawaii News Now Wednesday: Civil Unions bill moving forward

The controversial Civil Unions bill is on its way to becoming law. Today, state Senators approved the measure leaving just Governor Neil Abercrombie's signature to seal the deal. Last year, opposition reached a fever pitch, but not much of that this time around. Jim Mendoza talks with supporters as the bill, tonight at five.

Today, we're learning more about the victims of that experimental aircraft that went down in waters off of Kauai's south shore yesterday. Today, recovery efforts continued for the aircraft and for the two people who were on board. Brooks Baehr will have the latest.

Hawaii's Grammy winner, Bruno Mars, entered a guilty plea in a Las Vegas courtroom today. Mars faced a felony cocaine drug possession charge.

And, a Kaimuki store owner says raw sewage leaking into her shop is a health hazard. The landowner says the problem is being fixed, but its hard to tell who's right. That story is on Hawaii News Now at 5:30.

I hope you join Stephanie Lum and me for these stories and much more tonight on Hawaii News Now at 5 and 5:30!


Shawn Ching