Howzit Howard: Healthcare changes and flights in the air

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - HMSA now has a complete set of agreements on a new way to pay hospitals for the care they give you, based partly on whether you get better.

The state-financed Hawaii Health Systems, with 14 medical centers across the islands, has joined Queens, Kapiolani, Straub and other hospitals in agreeing to the new framework for payment. By tying some compensation to measurable patient outcomes, HMSA creates a financial incentive to treat you without necessarily ordering ever more expensive tests and procedures. All sides think it might slow the soaring of medical costs, which, according to the Producer Price report this morning from Washington, is the main driver of wholesale price inflation.

United Airlines says it hopes to have its Boeing 757's back in the air by the end of Wednesday. On Tuesday, it grounded all 96 of them after someone finally noticed they had never done checks of onboard computers ordered years ago by the F.A.A.

American Airlines will launch New York flights from Tokyo, Haneda on Friday. American is three months later than Hawaiian in taking advantage of its Haneda flight slots; Delta still hasn't launched from there. American already serves Tokyo, Narita from Kennedy, O'Hare, LAX and DFW.

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