Single dads, put your hands up

WAHIAWA (HawaiiNewsNow) - There are a lot of single parents out there that are struggling to make ends meet, both single moms, and single dads.

We caught up with one man and his daughter who are working hard to make things work.

Keilani Albiar is not much for long conversation, but she loves to share in different ways; just put an ukulele in her hands.

Her dad brandon is a single father and the joy and stress of raising this 10 year old girl is almost all his own.

To make things tougher, Brandon is a recovering drug addict. He's been off ice for six years now and took custody of Keilani after her mom started taking drugs.

He said, "I nevah like give up on Keilani. I nevah like give up on her."

And Keilani never gave up on him. To make things work, Brandon gets up at 3:30 a.m. every morning, says his prayers, makes Keilani's lunch, and then heads out the door. He works an eleven hour shift, fights through traffic to get back to Wahiawa by 5 p.m. and then "You get home, you gotta cook dinner, make sure homework done, make sure she eat early, make sure she shower."

As a union worker, Brandon's always worried about hours, so he can get medical and dental benefits for his daughter. He explained, "But just recently we've been blessed to work constantly. I wen' jump from labor union to painter's union. In labor union as an apprentice, go to school on the weekends."

Still, money is tight. They rent two rooms in the back of their landlord's home, and most of their belongings have been donated. He told us, "We had our struggles. She knows that if we don't have money, just me and her, we kick back at home. We do things for free. We look in the newspaper. Always get stuff for free."

Keilani says, "We go beach." Keilani is a fifth grader at Iliahi Elementary. She plays softball, listens to Justin Beiber, and well, just finds ways to have fun. "Hawaiian Airlines! Wooo... landing!"

The main thing is, they're together. Brandon said, "I love her with all my heart. She my pride. She my joy."

There used to be specific programs to help single dads, but those were eliminated because of lack of funds. If you're a single dad and you need some help, call Parents and Children together at 847-3285.

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