Never Mind Arresting Prostitutes

It's time to go after their pimps!

That's the move underway at the capitol.  Tonight at ten, Jim Mendoza brings us an in-depth report on Honolulu's stubborn sex industry and how activists are trying to break the cycle of human trafficking.

Also, is enticing people to break the law a first amendment right?  It's a tough question for Guidebook publishers who's directions to 'hidden' hotspots are putting lives in danger.  Ben Gutierrez brings us both sides of this heated debate.

On a lighter note, have you seen Jennifer Aniston's hula?  No Merrie Monarch invite for her.  See the video at ten.

All that plus rain on the way, and OIA basketball championships!  Hope to see you at the top of the hour.  I'll be the guy wearing the blue tie.