Words Just Aren't Enough

Aloha friends!

Get ready to squirm.

Our top story at ten: a guy at the beach sees something that has him reaching to call 911.. while rolling on his video cam.  It's one of those made-for-TV stories for which words just aren't enough.

Also tonight, God gets to keep His spot in the State House schedule.  We'll spell out the new rules on the daily prayer.

And - nude torso alert - did you hear about the Craigslist Congressman?  I'm calling him the new poster-boy for bad judgement.

All that, plus how much money did Pierre Omidyar give away last year?  If you don't know who he is, you'll want to stick around for that story after Guy's main forecast.

...Which includes thunderstorms, by the way.

See you at ten!