Planned food fight sends spaghetti flying at Kaiser High

Kaiser High School's cafeteria
Kaiser High School's cafeteria
Jordyn Stula
Jordyn Stula
Tony Gayor
Tony Gayor

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A food fight caused a moment of chaos at Kaiser High School Tuesday.  The cafeteria is cleaned up now but about 75 students started chucking spaghetti and milk.  Administrators believe it was pre-orchestrated.

Students say some kids even brought in eggs and other items to throw and that it had been planned by seniors for two weeks.  There was even a decoy to throw off security at the start of the food fight.

"I was just sitting at a table and an air horn went off on one side of the cafeteria so all of the security went over there to see what's up and stop it but opposite from there people started flinging food, so we ran," said Jordyn Stula, Sophomore.

"The bell rang about 25 minutes early and it rang again and then you hear the megaphone going off yelling at everyone. It was so bad. I didn't get to finish my lunch," said Wooho Song, Junior.

"It just was a spaghetti mess basically we had some students throw plates and milk cartons and stuff," said Tony Gayor, Kaiser High School Vice Principal.  "We expect our students to make better decisions and our bar is raised in every aspect of what we do here at Kaiser both for the adults and the kids and I want to thank all the students that did the right thing.  I want to make sure we move forward and learn from this."

Kaiser High has one of the only air conditioned cafeterias in the state and the 1,100 students will have to eat lunch outside for the rest of the week.

Administrators are still investigating and say the organizers of the food fight could face suspension.

Principal John Sosa sent this letter home to parents informing them of the incident and pledging to track down who was involved.

February 8, 2011

Kaiser High School Students, Parents, Staff

This letter is to inform everyone that there was a major incident of a food "fight" in the cafeteria during the lunch period today that involved many students.

This incident will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate consequences will be levied upon any student found to be involved with any aspect of this unfortunate event. A disruption such as this is considered a Class B Offense under Disorderly Conduct.

This type of disorderly conduct is not only inappropriate, but it is dangerous.

We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that it is a privilege to be able to utilize a comfortable, air conditioned venue such as the Kaiser High School cafeteria. There are many campuses in our state that does not even have a cafeteria for students to enjoy.

We expect our students to make better decisions and have pride in themselves, their school and their families.

We would like to ask any student who has knowledge of the planning, execution or participation in today's behavior, come forward and report any such knowledge to administration or the Safety Manager.

The cafeteria will be closed to student dining for the remainder of the week. It will be open for students to come through to get their lunches, however all meals will need to be eaten outside of the cafeteria.

We will review the improvement of student behavior as it relates to civility, positive decorum, living up to behavioral expectations and the disposing of all trash into the proper receptacles. The cafeteria will be reopening on Monday, February 14th pending the above review of student behavior over the rest of this week.

If you have any questions regarding this incident, please contact anyone in administration or our school safety manager.

Thank you,

Mr. John Sosa Principal

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