Civil unions bill considered at Legislature

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) At the state Capitol Tuesday, House lawmakers tackled two bills on civil unions.

One of them is the measure that passed the Senate last week.

The other is a House bill that provides more details on civil unions and how a civil union could be terminated through the courts.

Civil unions would extend the same rights benefits protections and responsibilities of marriage to same-sex and heterosexual partners.

Civil unions would allow our family to be treated with dignity and fairness which all families are entitled to and which most families have taken for granted, according to Tambry Young and Suzanne King.

But Alan Cardenas Jr. of the Hawaii Family Forum said a number of the people have said that they will not stop here with civil unions.

"They're really looking for same-sex marriage. We know. They know it.The people of Hawaii have a right to know it."

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