Pop Quiz at Ten

Aloha friends,

One penny sure sounds manini until you multiply by a few thousand.  That's the tax hike proposal that'll leave you wondering 'how much does mine weigh?'... tonight at ten.

Also, we try not to brag that we have Hawaii's only tv news helicopter, but it sure does come in handy.  Today's 'Sky News Now' aerials include a mountaintop rescue, a royal visitor at Honolulu Harbor and the Punahou Carnival (which has already sold out one of its most famous products!)

We also have new information on HPD overtime costs and Pro Bowl spending.

And have you heard Hawaii's latest Supreme Court nominee is gay?  Does it matter?  That's the debate at the capitol.  We'll have both sides.

All that plus BJ Penn beats up on Sunrise reporter Ramsay Wharton.  Seriously.

Time to do some pre-newscast pushups.  Later,